Kelly Lloyd | What will the future look like?

1 February, 2021

We cannot predict the future exactly, so I choose to be optimistic and hopeful
Catherine Sarah Young

Kelly Lloyd presents What will the future look like? Since 2017, Lloyd has interviewed people in the arts sector about the living and working conditions of contemporary artists. This project pairs excerpts from 5 interviews with the interviewees’ responses to the question, What will the future look like?

As galleries, museums and cultural spaces remain closed to the public, the project brings together a range of international voices that speculate on what the future might look like while reflecting on systemic issues. Pandemics have played a role in shaping human history throughout the ages – crises and disasters have continually set the stage for radical change. Our lives remain in the process of being transformed. These changes – some predictable, others still hard to fathom – allow us a unique moment to pause and reflect. To what extent can we redefine the way we live our lives?

View What will the future look like? using the links below. A new interview will be released each day from 1 – 5 February






Kelly Lloyd is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist who focuses on issues of representation and knowledge production and prioritizes public-facing collaborative research. Lloyd received a dual M.F.A. in Painting and M.A. in Visual & Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (S.A.I.C.) in 2015, and earned a B.A. from Oberlin College in 2008. Lloyd has recently held solo exhibitions at Demo Room (Aarhus), the Royal Academy Schools (London), Crybaby (Berlin), and Bill’s Auto (Chicago). Lloyd has participated in the long-term collaborations HAIR CLUB, Art Workers, and Living Within the Play, and is a member of 12ø Collective. Lloyd was the Starr Fellow at the Royal Academy Schools in London during the 2018/19 academic year, and is currently studying for her DPhil in Fine Art at The Ruskin School of Art.