Doug Fishbone | Peckham Ride – A Bespoke Bus Tour

30 November, 1pm & 2.45pm, 2014
The duration of the tours will range from 45-60 minutes.
Meeting point: Queens Road Peckham railway station

Doug Fishbone will perform one of his unique comic mobile lectures; taking audiences on a bespoke sightseeing bus tour of Peckham.

In 2013 Fishbone was commissioned by The Culture Ship for the Mayor’s Thames Festival to produce Deluxe River Booze Cruise, a journey through both the dark heart of the city and his own mildly warped imagination. Doug’s lecture’s use the rhythm, cadence and timing of the stand up comic in the creation of a new form of live art.

For this work the artist is taking the local area of Peckham as a starting point to create a unique perspective and insight in to the histories, cultures and communities of an area that is at the forefront of many of the debates regarding urbanism and gentrification.

We would like to thank the following co-commissioners: Alice Browne, Sam Chatterton Dickson, Tamineh Dhondy, Nathania Hartley, Caroline Lifford, David Luyombya, Sheila McGrath, Helen McTaggart, Kim Noble, Mairead O’heocha, Ooidal & Bourn, Sophy Rickett, Galen Riley, Nick Stewart, Phil Woodward and Zatorski and Zatorski.

Supported by The Elephant Trust