Elijah Maja | 432 Hurtz

15 March – 25 April, 2021
Virtual launch 15 March, 5pm

432 Hurts is a single screen moving image work that takes the theme of distance and time to consider the role of ceremony and ritual in reflection. The work combines footage recorded predominantly on an iPhone, alongside a composition by Maja that pieces together loose fragments of conversation, disparate musings and sound. The music is framed as a meditative moment, with the 432 hertz frequency as a starting point, a tuning often quoted as holding cosmic healing frequencies mathematically in tune with the universe. 432 Hurts aims to consider this modality, melding the pace and familiarity of the everyday with restorative sonics.

About Elijah Maja
Elijah Maja is an artist and researcher from London interested in sites of sociality and the relationship between time, space and foundational threads that form and reformulate technique.